And now…

No. 1 The Larch

Last summer, I made a bare-bones syntax tree application entirely in javascript, which I’m calling the Larch Tree Drawer, after the Monty Python sketch. The software:

  • Is written entirely in JavaScript, so it can do fast real-time updating.
  • Creates a png image which can be easily copied elsewhere.
  • Uses efficiently spaced trees (see [1])
  • Automatically closes brackets.
  • Automatically opens brackets (triggered by an ALL-CAPS node label)

Check it out and let me know any bugs and/or feature requests. I’m considering an option to output qtree-style latex code, but I haven’t implemented it yet.  Also, I know that the dimensions of the png files are a little too large right now.

Using the default options can feel a little weird, but you’ll soon see how fast it can be to input standard trees.  For instance, type “S NP” and you’ll see:


Then, add “John] VP” to get:


Round it out with “V loves] NP Semantics” to get:


And you only needed two brackets!

[1] An algorithm from based on:

Buchheim, Christoph, Michael Jünger, and Sebastian Leipert. “Improving Walker’s algorithm to run in linear time.” Graph Drawing. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2002.

Walker, John Q. “A node‐positioning algorithm for general trees.” Software: Practice and Experience 20.7 (1990): 685-705.

4 thoughts on “And now…

  1. Three missing features that come immediately to mind: (i) the ability to draw triangles; (ii) the ability to draw movement arrows; and (iii) the ability to draw traces and indexes (i.e., subscripts). That being said, this is a pretty cool, tool, though, Ezra!

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